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The Hotel Gruenwald was built in 1899 by Johann and Anna Grünwald as a “Gast- und Tafernwirtschaft”, or “Guesthouse and Tavern”. According to regional law, the landlord of a tavern, a so-called “vollkommene Wirtschaft” or “exhaustive establishment”, not only had the public right to dispense alcohol and provide accommodation, but also had the public duty to provide stabling and fodder for the travellers’ horses.

The tavern was taken over by their son, Josef Grünwald, who ran it under the name “Gasthof zum Kriegerdenkmal”, which translates as “Guesthouse by the Warrior Memorial”. The building survived the First and Second World Wars intact, and was for a period taken over by the American troops and used as a radio communications post.

In 1952, his son Josef Grünwald Junior became the proprietor and together with his wife Anna Grünwald expanded the premises into a hotel in 1972.

After the year 1990 the hotel has been managed in the fourth generation by their daughter Gabriele Grünwald-Rieß and her husband Wolfgang Rieß, and is run as an innovative and customer-orientated hotel conscious of its traditions.
Thanks to the team contributions made by all staff members, the business has managed to permanently position itself as one of Munich’s most popular hotels, according to the travel-planning website Trivago.

With Bernd and Barbara, the fifth generation, the family looks toward the future with optimism. The two are both graduate and state-certified hotel managers, and are already living and working full-time on continuing the long-standing tradition of welcoming guests.

Thus the Grünwald family can now look back on more than 120 years of hospitality, and is proud of the history the hotel has created throughout the ages.

This has all been made possible by the people who give the hotel their trust and their loyalty as guests year after year.
Thank you!